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TEM-4 G+V (5 model tests)

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Model Test 1

1. Evidence came up ____ specific sounds are recognized by babies as young as six months old.

A what        B that        C which       D whose

2. I understand ____ preparation that staff must put in under pressure to meet the deadline.

A more than the enormous amount of        B better than most the enormous number of

C better than most the enormous amount of   D fewer than the number of

3. I’m sure your suggestion will ____ the problem.

A contribute to solving          B be contributed to solve

C contribute to solve            D be contributed to solving

4. In 1840, both Lucretian Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton resented ____ proper seating at the

World’s Anti-slavery convention in London because of their sex.

A refusing     B to be refused     C being refused      D having refused

5. America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure as it ____ before the West was settled.

A could    B did       C would       D was

6. ____ in the past, at the moment it is a favorite choice for wedding gown.

A Unpopular has as white been       B White has been as unpopular

C Unpopular has been as white       D Unpopular as white has been

7. ____ for a long time, the fields are all dried up.

A There has been no rain            B Having no rain   

C There having been no rain         D There being no rain

8. The millions of calculations involved, ____ by hand, would have lost all practical value by the time they were finished.

A had they been done   B they had been done     C having been done      D they were done

9. Television enable us to see things happen almost at the exact moment ____.

A which they are happening         B they are happening 

C which they happen              D they have happened

10. ____ me most was that the young boy who had lost both arms in an accident could handle a pen with his feet.

A That amazed   B It amazed     C Which amazed     D What amazed

11. An important property of a scientific theory is its ability to ____ further research and further thinking about a particular topic.

A stimulate     B renovate      C arouse      D advocate

12. Although architecture has artistic qualities, it must also satisfy a number of important practical ____.

A obligations       B regulations        C observations        D considerations

13. Life insurance is financial protection for dependents against loss ____ the breadwinner’s death.

A at the cost of       B on the verge of     C as a result of    D for the sake of

14. In education there should be a good ____ among the branches of knowledge that contribute to effective thinking and wise judgment.

A distribution       B balance        C combination       D assignment

15. The American dream is most ____ during the periods of productivity and wealth generated by American capitalism.

A plausible      B patriotic       C primitive        D partial

16. He spoke so ____ that even his opponents were won over by his arguments.

A bluntly        B convincingly      C emphatically       D determinedly

17. France’s ____ of nuclear testing in the South Pacific last month triggered political debates and mass demonstrations.

A assumption          B consumption       C presumption       D resumption

18. The 215-page manuscript, circulated to publishers last October, ____ an outburst of interest.

A flare      B glittered        C sparked        D flashed

19. His efforts to bring about a reconciliation between the two parties ____.

A came off      B came on        C came round        D came down

20. The system was redesigned to embrace the network and eventually ____ it in a profitable direction.

A adapt      B control        C install       D steer

21. The capital intended to broaden the export base and ____ efficiency gains from international trade was channeled instead into uneconomic import substitution.

A secure       B extend       C defend         D possess

22. It is announced that a wallet has been found and can be ____ at the manager’s office.

A declared        B obtained        C reclaimed       D recognized

23. When I ____ my senses, I found myself wrapped up in bed in my little room, with Grandma bending over me.

A woke up       B took to         C picked up       D came to

24. The American society is ____ an exceedingly shaky foundation of natural resources, which is connected with the possibility of a worsening environment.

A established on       B affiliated to        C originated from      D incorporated with

25. I am not ____ with my roommate but I have to share the room with her, because I have nowhere else to live.

A concerned      B compatible        C considerate        D complied

26. Since the most commonly accepted test is the TOEFL exam, most institutions will expect a ____ TOEFL score for admission.

A minimal        B maximal        C minimum       D maximum

27. It was believed that his death was ____ with the robbery of the bank downtown.

A accompanied           B coincided        C correlated        D conformed

28. Does Emerson find his career full and ____ as a basketball player?

A conflicting        B charming        C rewarding        D awarding

29. The local government gave the first ____ to education after the war.

A projection        B protection          C profession          D priority

30. The professor ____ his habit of getting up early in the morning to do writing all his life.

A rejected         B retained        C retailed        D revitalized

Model Test 2

1.You should have put the milk into the ice box, I expect it ____ undrinkable by now.

A became      B had become        C has become        D become

2. It’s no good ____ him. He is always indifferent towards other’s matters.

A to turn to     B turning to        C turn to        D turned to

3. Some companies have introduced flexible working time with less emphasis on pressure ____.

A than more on efficiency         B and more on efficiency

C and more efficiency            D than efficiency

4. She always put her medication on the top of the shelf lest the children ____ it by mistake.

A took      B should take         C had taken        D would take

5. The earnings of women are well below that of men ____ educational differences that are diminishing between the two sexes.

A although        B though      C despite of      D in spite of

6. Although she wrote a lot of short stories and poems when she was very young, ____ she was twenty five.

A her first real success did not come until        B her real first success came until not

C since her first real success did not come until    D not until her first real success

7. You should know better than ____ your little sister at home by herself.

A to leave     B leaving      C to have left      D left

8. As the train will not leave until one hour later, we ____ grab a bite at the snack bar.

A may well     B just as well       C might as well        D as well

9. She resorted to ____ when she had no money to buy foods for her children.

A have stolen      B steal        C stole       D stealing

10. The boy has admitted to ____ the window while playing football yesterday.

A breaking     B having been broken       C break        D be breaking

11. Betty advised me to label our luggage carefully in case it gets ____ in transit.

A misused       B mishandled       C mistaken         D mislaid

12. Poverty is not ____ in most cities although, perhaps because of the crowded conditions in certain areas, it is more visible there.

A rare     B temporary       C prevalent      D segmental

13. People who live in small towns often seem more friendly than those living in ____ populated areas.

A densely      B intensely       C abundantly        D highly

14. As a way of ____ the mails while they were away, the Johnson’s asked the cleaning lady to send little printed slips asking the senders to write again later.

A picking up       B coping with        C passing out       D getting across

15. Tom’s mother tried hard to persuade him to ____ from his intention to invest his savings in stock market.

A pull out      B give up       C draw in        D back down

16. An increasing proportion of our population, unable to live without advanced medical ____, will become progressively more reliant on expensive technology.

A interference       B interruption       C intervention     D interaction

17. The news of our team winning the match was really ____, and millions of people came out to celebrate the victory.

A overwhelming      B accelerating       C prompting        D preceding

18. What the government should do urgently is to take actions to ____ the economy.

A brook      B blush       C boost       D brood

19. The explosion in the mine was ____ by a careless miner who lit a match.

A triggered       B claimed      C hampered       D protested

20. The mass newspaper depended significantly more on advertising ____ than did their predecessors.

A revenues     B incomes      C avenues       D outcomes

21. Some minerals are quite common, others are regionally ____, and still others are rare on the earth.

A attributed     B distributed      C contributed      D scattered

22. She remains confident and ____ untroubled by our present problems.

A indefinitely      B infinitely          C optimistically       D seemingly

23. Fiber-optic cables can carry hundreds of telephone conversations ____.

A simultaneously        B spontaneously       C homogeneously      D contemporarily

24. The police were alerted that the escaped criminal might be in the ____.

A vain       B vicinity       C court        D jail

25. Whether you live to eat or eat to live, food is a major ____ in every family’s budget.

A nutrition        B expenditure       C routine       D provision

26. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from ____ on earth rather than bacteria on Mars.

A configuration       B constitution      C condemnation       D contamination

27. It took a lot of imagination to come up with such an ____ plan.

A bright      B clever       C brilliant      D ingenious

28. In the refining process, rice and flour lose much of their ____.

A acid      B alcohol      C vitamin       D sulphur

29. Individual lines of the poem were very beautiful, but I didn’t see how the lines fit together. To me, the poem wasn’t ____.

A inherent      B coherent        C logical        D corporate

30. To an especially sensitive child, a simple scolding can be a ____ experience.

A hysterical        B grievous        C gracious         D sensible

Model Test 3

1.       ____ native to North America, corn has now spread all over the world.

A In spite of      B That it is       C It was       D Although

2. Our civilization cannot be thought of as ____ in a short period of time.

A to have been created   B to be created      C having been created       D being created

3. We feel it is high time that the Government ____ something to check the inflation.

A did      B do        C should do        D would do

4. It has been proposed that we ____ our decision until the next meeting.

A delayed      B delay         C can delay      D are to delay

5. Hurricanes are severe cyclones with winds over seventy-five miles an hour ____ originate over tropical ocean waters.

A which       B who        C where        D how to

6. Although ____ Spanish, he attended the course.

A he was knowing     B he is knowing      C having a knowledge of       D knows

7. You ____ that letter to James. However, you didn’t.

A ought to write     B ought to have written       C should write      D should be writing

8. Joseph was very lucky ____ with his life; he almost did not get out of the room.

A to escape        B to have escaped        C to escaping      D to be escaping

9. Bread and butter ____ liked by Westerners.

A is       B are       C were       D be

10. The back garden of our house contains a lawn, ____ very pleasant to sit on in summer.

A which is       B which it is       C it is          D where it is

11. The most successful way to solve the language problem while a foreign play is being performed is ____ translation.

A instantaneous       B spontaneous        C simultaneous        D homogeneous

12. The hostess ____ in the contract that rent should be paid in cash at the beginning of each month.

A assumed     B submitted      C exposed        D specified

13. This year, the number of accidents has ____ that of last year.

A overtaken        B overweighed        C overcome         D overshadowed

14. You must ____ yourself or they will continue to bully you, so you will go on living in disgrace.

A assess      B assert      C maintain       D promote

15. While both plans were perfectly sensible, only one seemed ____ in China’s particular situation.

A available      B feasible      C resolvable     D presumable

16. After four years in the same job his enthusiasm finally ____.

A deteriorated      B dispersed        C dissipated        D drained

17. No one can function properly if they are ____ of adequate sleep.

A deprived      B ripped     C stripped       D contrived

18. For years now, the people of that faraway country have been cruelly ____ by a dictator.

A depressed       B immersed         C oppressed       D cursed

19. Ever since the rise of industrialism, education has been ____ towards producing workers.

A harnessed      B hatched      C motivated       D geared

20. The prospect of increased prices has already ____ worries.

A provoked       B irritated       C inspired         D hoisted

21. Many automobile accidents were ____ careless driving.

A attributed to       B resulted in      C contributed to       D raised from

22. The actress wanted a hat to ____ her dress.

A go by        B go through        C go out         D go with

23. It takes a lot of ____ to put on a school play such as King Lear.

A organization         B arrangement        C management       D preparation

24. The police carried out a(n) ____ search for the missing boy.

A complete       B entire          C thorough       D whole

25. The ____ crown jewels are kept in the Tower of London.

A valued      B valueless       C invaluable       D usable

26. ____ money, she is quite rich. However, this does not mean that she is happy.

A Concerning       B As to        C In terms of       D In the light of

27. A well written composition ____ good choice of words and clear organization among other things.

A calls for      B calls on      C calls up       D calls off

28. It is ____with the customer not ot let the shop assistants guess what she really likes and wants until the last moment.

A in her honor      B on her honor     C a point of honor       D an honor

29. This house will probably come on the ____ next month.

A fair      B market        C shop       D store

30. George was introduced to ____ activities at a young age, when he was hired to act as a lookout for drug dealers.

A illegal      B lawful        C faithful         D peaceful

Model Test 4

1. ____ is announced in the papers, our country has launched a large scale movement against smuggling and fraudulent activities in foreign currency exchange deals.

A What      B As      C Which       D That

2. All the flights ____ because of the snowstorm, we had to take the train instead.

A were canceled    B had been canceled    C having canceled     D having been canceled

3. Once ____, this power station will supply all the neighboring towns and villages with electrictiy.

A it being completed     B it completed     C completed       D it completes

4. He might have been killed ____ the timely arrival of the ambulance.

A but for       B excepte for      C besides        D except

5. If you have never planted anything, you won’t be able to know the pleasure of watching the thing you have planted ____.

A grow     B to grow        C growing        D to be growing

6. He set up business ____ his own and was very successful.

A in      B to        C on       D by

7. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class; he ____ last night.

A must study      B should have studied      C must have studied      D is sure to study

8. Frank almost never received any education, ____?

A would he        B did he       C didn’t he           D wouldn’t he

9. Even if his letter ____ tomorrow, it ____ too late to do anything.

A will arrive…is    B should arrive…were     C arrives…will be   D arrives…would be

10. We can hear ____ from the back of the room.

A just as good     B just as easy      C just as well     D easily as well

11. A good teacher must know how to ____ his ideas to the students, as generally agreed by educational experts.

A transmit     B transfer       C convey        D communicate

12. If you keep on taking on more work than you can do, your health will ____.

A decline       B degrade       C degenerate       D deteriorate

13. The director tried to wave aside these issues as ____ details that would be settled later.

A preliminary       B primary        C trivial         D alternative

14. As one of the youngest professors in the university, Miss King is certainly on the ____ of a brilliant career.

A end     B edge      C threshold       D course

15. During the famine of 1943, millions of peasants ____ to the cities because they could not make a living in the countryside.

A immigrated       B emigrated      C migrated      D generated

16. There is much I enjoy about the changing seasons, but my favorite time is the ____ from fall to winter.

A transmission        B transformation         C transition        D transfer

17. I think we need to see an investment ____ before we make an expensive mistake.

A guide      B entrepreneur        C consultant       D assessor

18. The ____ on this apartment expires in a year’s time.

A treaty       B lease       C engagement       D subsidy

19. The elderly Russians find it hard to live on their state ____.

A pensions     B earnings       C salaries        D donations

20. There is supposed to be a safety ____ which makes it impossible for trains to collide.

A appliance      B accessory        C machine      D mechanism

21. Tom has been a vegetarian ____ principle for years.

A in      B on        C for       D by

22. When I got out of the car and walked about among them, ___ one old man who shook his head disapprovingly, they all began to cheer.

A see that     B except that      C provided that       D except for

23. ____ the water left in the kettle, the doctor put several things he unwrapped from a handkerchief.

A At      B To      C Within      D Into

24. I am ____ grateful for the many kindnesses you have shown my son.

A excessively       B much       C certainly       D exceedingly

25. The ____ of AIDS has led to an expansion in research seeking a cure.

A innovation      B selection        C proliferation        D conviction

26. An institution that properly carries the name university is a more comprehensive and complex institution than any other kind of higher education ____.

A settlement     B establishment       C construction        D structure

27. People’s status in society is frequently ____ by how much they own.

A measured       B examined       C tested       D questioned

28. Jack is so ____ to his appearance that he never has his clothes pressed.

A adverse       B anonymous           C indifferent        D casual

29. There is an increasing ____ to make movies describing violence.

A strength       B direction         C tradition        D trend

30. Outside my office window there is a fire ____ on the right.

A escape       B ladder      C steps       D stairs

Test 5

1. Nowhere in nature is aluminum found free, owing to its always ____ with other elements, most commonly with oxygen.

A being combined      B having combined        C to combine       D combined

2. Physics is in the present day equivalent of ____ used to be called natural philosophy, from ____ most of present day science arose.

A which, what    B that, which       C what, which       D what, that

3. On no account ____ ever leave the baby at hom alone.

A should you     B you should      C shall you        D you shall

4. ____ is the center of our planetary system was considered as heresy by the church in the Middle Ages.

A It is the sun and not the earth        B That the sun and not the earth

C Being the sun and not the earth      D The sun and not the earth

5. The reason that his property was confiscated by the country, it ____, was that he was involved in a lot of fraudulent activities during the war.

A was turned out     B was being turned out      C being turned out       D turned out

6. It was requested that all of the equipment ____ in the agreed time.

A erected     B would be erected      C be erected     D will be erected

7. The man sitting opposite me smiled dreamily, as if ____ something pleasant in the past.

A to remember      B remembered     C having been remembered      D remembering

8. I ____ him the Christmas gift by mail because he came home during the Christmas holidays.

A ought to have sent     B couldn’t have sent     C must have sent     D needn’t have sent

9. It turned out that the children were not ____ for the accident.

A to blame    B to be blamed    C to be blaming     D to have been blamed

10. The desegregation was achieved through a number of struggles, ____ had been mentioned in previous chapters.

A a few of which     B a few of them       C a few of those       D a few of that

11. These causes produced the great change in the country that modernized the ____ of higher education from the mid-1860s to the mid-1880s.

A branch     B category       C domain        D scope

12. Nobody yet knows how long and how seriously the ____ in the financial system will drag down the economy.

A shallowness       B shakiness      C scantiness        D stiffness

13. Crisis would be the right term to describe the ____ in many animal species.

A minimization       B restriction       C descent       D decline

14. The city is an important railroad ____ and industrial and convention center.

A conjunction       B network        C junction        D link

15. Prof. White, my respected tutor, frequently reminds me to ____ myself to every chance to improve my English.

A assure       B inform       C avail     D notify

16. At first, the ____ of color pictures over a long distance seemed impossible, but, with painstaking efforts and at great expense, it became a reality.

A transaction        B transmission        C transformation       D transition

17. When the committee ____ to details, the proposed plan seemed impractical.

A got down      B set about       C went off      D came up

18. ____ to some parts of South America is still difficult, because parts of the continent are still covered with thick forests.

A Orientation      B Access        C Procession      D Voyage

19. Mr. Smith had an unusual ____ he was first an office clerk, then a sailor, and ended up as a school teacher.

A profession       B occupation       C position      D career

20. The mayor is a woman with great ____ and therefore deserves our political and financial support.

A intention       B instinct        C integrity       D intensity

21. He did me a ____ turn by lending me ten pounds.

A good       B nice       C fine        D pretty

22. Once our chickens started laying eggs, we had such a ____ of eggs that we were giving many away to our neighbors.

A output      B surplus       C production       D plenty

23. Following are comments about the behavior that people in Korea usually expect on various social ____.

A occasions       B cases        C situations        D circumstances

24. They have considered their high standard of living a(n) ____ for practicing their basic beliefs.

A award      B reward       C result       D consequence

25. Mac’s close ____ to his brother made people mistake them for one another.

A resemblance       B identity        C appearance      D relationship

26. For many patients, institutional care is the most ____ and beneficial form of care.

A pertinent     B appropriate       C acute       D persistent

27. Among all the changes resulting from the ____ entry of women into the work force, the transformation that has occurred in the women themselves is not the least important.

A massive      B quantitative      C surplus        D formidable

28. Mr. Smith became very ____ when it was suggested that he had made a mistake.

A ingenious      B empirical       C objective       D indignant

29. Rumors are everywhere, spreading fear, damaging reputations, and turning calm situations into ____ ones.

A turbulent     B tragic       C vulnerable      D suspicious

30. The ____ cycle of life and death is a subject of interest to scientists and philosophers alike.

A incompatible       B exceeding        C instantaneous        D eternal


Test 1

1-5 BCACB       6-10 DCABD    11-15 ADCBA    16-20 BDCAD   

21-25 ACDAB    26-30 CBCDB

Test 2

1-5 CBBBD       6-11 AACDA    11-15 DCABD    16-20 CACAA    

21-25 BCABB    26-30 BDCBB

Test 3

1-5 DCABA       6-10 CBBAA    11-15 CDABB    16-20 DACDA     

21-25 ADACC    26-30 CACBA

Test 4

1-5 BDCAA       6-10 CCBCC    11-15 CDCDC    16-20 CCBAD      

21-25 BDDDC    26-30 BACDA

Test 5

1-5 ACABD       6-10 CADAA    11-15 CBDCC    16-20 BABDC 

21-25 ABABA    26-30 BACAD


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